It is a triangular prism

I was greeted with this phrase by some of our year 1 children last week who were learning about the properties and characteristics of different shapes. As you would expect their learning is so much more advanced than would have been the case only a few years ago, but nevertheless I was still very impressed to hear a year 1 child describing their shape as a triangular prism. I did check, and yes they were right.

As is well known, over the last couple of years we have worked really hard with parents to improve the levels of attendance in school. We regularly have weeks when all children in a class are in school every day. Nevertheless I was delighted that on Thursday last week our overall attendance was more than 99%- a remarkable figure. Just to set the context- there were 5 children throughout the whole school of over 400 children absent on that day. And in the afternoon it was slightly higher as 1 child came back after a hospital appointment.

Last Thursday was the last of our series of Foundation Stage Open Sessions for admission in 2019. I always enjoy these occasions and the opportunity of sharing with parents not only our aims and aspirations for the school but also showing them at first hand our splendid Foundation Stage in action. They all left to either check or make sure their application was completed by the closing date of Tuesday 15th January.