It is so much more than the money

Children in Need day is always special at our school and Friday was no exception. For some reason this year I was concerned whether there would be enough cake for each of the children to be able to buy one. I should have known better and shared the confidence of our wonderful office staff. “Don’t worry,” she confidently told me, “I will send a couple of texts reminding everyone.” As usual, she was right and we had literally hundreds on Friday morning, which were sold either during break or after school. Thank you once again for your support for our school and perhaps just as importantly in this context such a worthwhile cause.

On Friday, some children were also raising money by showing real enterprise, for example making comics and then selling them for a range of charities, including Children in Need. This type of initiative showed excellent initiative and commitment and provided further evidence of Inspiring Young Minds.

Earlier in the week our Year 6 Sports Council reps, accompanied by our splendid Games teachers and Sports Premium Governor went to the celebration evening of school sports, to receive our award for School Games. I know they were really inspired by the life story of one of the Great Britain Para-Olympic team who led the presentations during the evening.