Inspiring Young Minds

During last week I saw so many children who had produced outstanding work and demonstrated inspirational thinking. The copy image for the blog is from a maths lesson in Foundation Stage, where a child demonstrated to me his ability and understanding of counting in 5s (hence the gloves to represent the 5 digits on each hand) before showing me just how he could use the hands to make 24. His understanding and confidence with numbers was wonderful to see and hear.

Some children in year 5 really took their home learning to another level last week. I was shown a working model of an Archimedes screw and we all watched with awe and wonder as the blue dye went up the tube. Perhaps just as inspirational was hearing the account of how the model had been created by 3 generations working on the project at home. 

This year we are changing the names of the Houses within school. This prompted one child to make a wonderful model of Bristol Suspension Bridge, with a splendid figure of Isambard Kingdom Brunel on it, and another to make a flag with the name Kahlo, after Frida Kahlo, a Mexican painter. Their enthusiasm was infectious.