Inspiring Art

The attached images provide some fine examples of work undertaken by children last week in school. As a school we take great pride of the children’s work in creative arts. Our musical tradition is now very well established, but seeing how proud the children were of their work, I was reminded just how important it is for us to continue to ensure that children have the opportunity of all creating art in a wide range of media.

For a number of years we have had a very active Eco-Committee at school. On a regular basis they provide a school wide presentation and last week they did just that. Their theme this time was the amount of plastic that is used in packed lunches and in particular just how much oil and other scarce resources is used to create crisp packets. It was a very impressive and thought provoking presentation; not least when they dipped a large number of crisp packets to the floor and told us just how much oil was used to make them. Perhaps most importantly they suggested many alternatives and strategies we could all use to reduce our use of plastic in packaging etc.

Thank you for providing a wonderful array of cakes for Comic Relief Day on Friday. I appreciate the time and organisation it takes to make them in what I know are very busy family lives. I know that the children really appreciated being part of this particular cause, as well of course as enjoying the cakes!