Imagination and excitement mean inspiration

One day last week when I was welcoming children and parents at the gate a child in year 3 stopped and produced a wonderful model of a cave, complete with stalactites and stalagmites. Her creativity and enthusiasm was very apparent as she described in some detail how she had made it. Sadly, my photographic skills have not done justice do her excellent piece of work, but the memory of her excitement will linger for some time.

Last week, both our years 5 and 6 boys and girls football teams took part in tournaments which took place at Oxford City Football ground. For many it was the first time that they had ever played in a stadium such as this, and you could really see and feel both their excitement and anticipation as they left to go to the ground via a rather large coach. No, they didn’t win the competition but they did compete, demonstrating the ability to accept victory and defeat with real sporting behaviour. The same could also be said for our wonderful swimmers who took part in a Gala at Sibford School: they were all wonderful ambassadors for our school. It should also be noted that without our Games teachers be willing to work on their “non- work day” the children would not have had such opportunities.

Our Foundation Stage children will be performing their Christmas Nativity Plays this week. I have no doubt that this will once again be a real highlight of the year both for them and their families and the type of experience of which memories are made. I have no doubt that they will be Inspiring Young Minds.