Humble in Victory, Gracious in Defeat

Once again last week we celebrated the outstanding sporting prowess of some of our older children, who competed magnificently in the ‘Quad Kids” competition, which as I learnt on Wednesday is a combination of 4 running, jumping and throwing events. They did so well that they have gained qualification to the area final of the competition. I for one found the focus for the competition inspiring (it is the title of this week’s blog) and it was very evident that all those who represented our school at the event showed just those characteristics.

After the year 6 SATs it was very much back to normal this week. The fund raising group of our School Parliament organised fund raising events for Helen and Douglas House, using a combination of a cake sale, guess the name of the Teddy and non- school uniform day. Once again we were fortunate to be really well supported with well over 400 cakes being donated, enabling a significant amount of money to be raised. However, for me it was raising the profile of the work of Helen and Douglas House and enabling the children to do something for others which was equally important as the actual money raised.

Coming to school in non-uniform clothes was a theme running through a number of the activities last week. As well as the orange for Helen and Douglas House, both years 4 and 5 as part of the History studies by wearing the attire of Vikings and children in World War 2 respectively. It was clear that the children (and staff!) really enjoyed History coming alive. Primary school learning at its best.