Giant Steps

As the blog image shows, there was a very special visitor to our Foundation Stage last week. It was a Giant, who clearly left their mark in the room when they visited overnight. As you can imagine all the children were absolutely enthralled by the footmarks, not least when the Giant returned the following day and was spotted in the splendid Foundation Stage Outdoor Learning Area. The children produced some outstanding work in response to the visit, not least a young writer (aged 5) who wrote independently that he was “perplexed” by the proceedings. A really Inspiring Young Mind.

Recently I, along with a parent who had used our Children’s Centre, were invited to the annual Bloxham Meeting to speak about the work of the Centre. I was inspired, and by the reaction so were the Councillors and residents, of the account given by the parent of the impact of the Centre on not only her live but also her children. I do hope that between us we can continue to attract the funding to ensure that the Centre stays open beyond April 2020.

This time of the year is always a busy one for our Governing Body. In the past week they have not only agreed our budget for the next 3 years, but also undertaken a significant amount of work to aim endeavour to improve our school building both in the short and longer term as well as developing some really interesting work over the future direction and vision of the school, all undertaken as volunteers. In the next few weeks they will be asking for your views- I do hope you will spend some time helping set the future direction of our school.