Generosity of Spirit

Such is the nature of primary schools that there are often many examples of generosity of spirit and last week was no exception. As has been the case frequently over recent days, the rain was pouring down and as a result colleagues were getting very wet whilst waiting outside for children to arrive in the morning. From nowhere, an umbrella appeared, courtesy of an anonymous carer, which not only kept the teacher dry but also lifted the spirits of all concerned. So, whoever you were, thank you.

One of the unexpected consequences of the pandemic has been the children’s remarkable levels of attendance this year. Attendance has regularly been over 96%, and on many occasions has been greater than 98%. To put numbers on the %, this means that there were 7 children absent, out of total of more than 400, which is quite a remarkable statistic.

Lest we forget, our responsibility and privilege is to provide the highest quality of teaching and learning. Alongside the outdoor learning, creative arts and early years provision, the image for this post confirms the quality of teaching and learning taking place in 1 particular poetry lesson. No further comment is needed to confirm the quality of education the children were enjoying.