Fortitude and Unexpected Kindness

It would be wrong to pretend that the last few weeks have not been challenging for staff, parents and children alike. Whilst we have not had many a large number of cases of COVID-19 (2 members of staff and a handful of children), the impact of staff and children having to self-isolate has been very significant. I would like to thank parents for their understanding and pay tribute to the fortitude and resolve of both children and staff in navigating the challenges. Let us hope that the additional measures we have put in place will mean that less children and staff will need to isolate over the coming weeks.

There has continued to be some excellent work produced by children in all year groups and I know that in particular that many colleagues have been pleased with the way the children’s writing has improved since September. It does not matter how many years you have been in teaching children showing or reading you their work of which they are most proud continues to promote that wonderful feeling of being part of something special. Over recent days, we have seen many examples of Inspiring Young Minds.

On this one occasion, I am going to include a reference to another wonderful institution, the NHS. Over the last week or so, I have spent time (all non-COVID-19 related) in or perhaps more accurately in car parks of a couple of hospitals, as non-patients were not allowed inside. Looking up I noticed that from a couple of directions, patients were appearing, accompanied by members of staff. From elsewhere, other people hove into view. It suddenly dawned on me that I was witnessing impromptu visits from family members to patients, unofficially facilitated by members of staff. Unexpected kindness at its best.