Every Run Comes to an End

Over the last couple of weeks we have been able to hold Sports Days for all our children. Yes, they  had to be done in year groups as opposed to phases, and “behind closed doors” but nevertheless the children really enjoyed taking part, competing against each other and themselves. There is something very special about children of all ages, including year 6, looking very proud with their Games shirts adorned with stickers. 

As the academic year draws inexorably to a close, this is my last blog as Headteacher of Bloxham Primary School. Over the years we have had many challenges, including fire, flood and of course in recent times COVID. As well as a wild young rabbit which appeared in a filing cabinet in my office- I have never did find out how that unexpected visitor got there.

I would like to thank all those Inspiring Young Minds, as well as those who might be described as not so young, who have made the last 17 years so rewarding. It has been and remains my absolute professional pleasure and privilege to be Headteacher of Bloxham Primary School.

I wish Ms. Horton and the whole school community every success for the future.