Enthusiasm and Joy Of Youth

This is my 24th (and last!) year of Headship in a primary school. I won’t pretend that this year has been anything apart from challenging. On Friday, I was reminded that alongside the difficulties of the last few weeks, working and being with children can always be guaranteed to provide both inspiration and joy.

During their lunchtime, I was talking with a group of children whose parents are defined as critical workers. After discussing their learning, one of the children asked if they could tell me a joke. As you can imagine this developed into a very entertaining session whilst the children finished eating their food, regaling their favourite comedy lines. “What do you call the walking stick of someone who goes fast? A Hurricane,” certainly brought a smile to my and indeed all the children’s faces.

The children then proceeded to go outside and organise themselves with great aplomb to play a game of cricket rover, persuading me to join in- have to admit didn’t take much persuading. Yes it was cold, yes it was a little damp, but it was good to be able to leave the current situation aside even just for 30 minutes.

Being with them certainly put a spring in my step- it was excellent to see the enthusiasm and joy of youth was at least for a short time undimmed.