Each day is special

The beginning of the school term always brings a combination of excitement, expectation and yes apprehension for everyone. At our training day we focused on remembering that it was our professional responsibility and privilege to make each day count- the children will only start primary school once, will only have their first day back in any particular year once and that we should continue to remember that each day provides a new and unique opportunity. That is the joy of teaching.

One of the real pleasures of meeting parents and children at the school gate in the morning is to hear about the success of older siblings, or even better when they bring in their younger brothers and sisters, to hear their news first hand.  It is really good to hear their news and invariably at the beginning of the year it is about academic success. This week was no exception and it was wonderful to hear not only of outstanding achievements but also personal successes in passing a particular exam that I know could only have been achieved by real hard graft.

Music plays a vital part in our school and we now have a music wall which the children can use outside. It has proved to be very popular this week and they have really enjoyed being able to play the instruments attached to the wall at lunchtime. They have sounded very impressive as well!

Yes, I know it is only the first week back, but our attendance over the last 3 days has been 98.75%. To put this in context- with over 410 children on the school role we have had less than a handful  (that is one hand) away. A very impressive start.