Each day is different

Yes it is a cliché but as Headteacher you never know what each day will bring. One day last week I was as usual welcoming children and parents to school at the gate when I was told that there was a hedgehog, which had taken up residency along the school path.  To our joint amazement we then saw not only the adult hedgehog but also a number of young. During the day we were advised that they hadn’t perhaps chosen the best and safest place to take refuge, so they have now been taken to an alternative place for the well-being. A hedgehog and young was another first after 30+ years working in primary schools.

Last week we held a meeting for our Foundation Stage parents about the importance and teaching of phonics. It was a splendid, very well attended session with the highlight undoubtedly being members of staff delivering a typical phonics session to the parents. The enthusiasm of the staff was infectious and the parents really enjoyed taking part in the lesson. Speaking with them at the end of the session it was clear that they had found the evening really helpful and they had a much clearer understanding of just how we teach phonics in the Foundation Stage.

We have had play Play Buddies for a number of years. This year we decided to provide training for those Year 6 who wanted to undertake this role before they started being with the younger children at lunchtime. Last week we began to see the real benefits and rewards as our Play Buddies were fantastic in the way they ensured that the younger children had really enjoyable lunchtimes. They led them in many, what might be described as old fashioned or typical, playground games. The younger children, and indeed the year 6 themselves, were really enjoying each other’s company.  It was clear that both the younger children and the year 6 are Inspiring Young Minds.