Dream Catcher

Each Friday afternoon our year 6 children have the opportunity of undertaking a range of what might be described as less formal learning activities. These include amongst other things, cooking and outdoor learning. Last week there was a group making dream catchers, using twigs and wool. They were really enjoying the opportunity of creating something from what might be described as waste materials, whilst talking about their own dreams and futures. I felt very fortunate being able to spend at least some time with them as they were talking and creating.

We are always keen to enhance children’s learning by experts coming into school as well as the children continuing the learning outside of the school grounds. Last Tuesday, our year 4 children really enjoyed their “Viking Day” with a group of really knowledgeable specialists came into to lead the day, whilst our year 2 children were visiting to see for themselves religious buildings in Oxford. Active learning really does help develop children’s understanding.

On Friday “Hollywood and Hotdogs” was enjoyed by over 230 children; these types of events mean so much to the children. I know that in many schools PTA or Friends Groups are struggling to survive. Fortunately we are lucky enough to have a very committed team of volunteers, who along with many members of staff are willing to give up their time and skills for the benefit of the children.  It is not just Inspiring Young Minds at our school.