Dancing Raisins and Hedgehogs

The children really enjoyed taking part in science week. It was excellent to hear the excitement and shared conversations across the year groups as they undertook a range of experiments which included investigating why raisins moved more in carbonated water as opposed to still and which biscuit had the best properties for dunking in your favourite drink. The children also found out about how science in school had inspired our mystery guest to undertake in bio-medicine; the importance of which we have all seen only too well recently. The week culminated with a school wide virtual assembly via TEAMs which was really enjoyed by all. It was a splendid week.

Recently we have also had an ECO day, focusing on hedgehogs. As part of the day both children and adults alike enjoyed the opportunity of being able to come to school not wearing their school uniform, with the money raised being used to purchase a new wildlife camera. During the day the children learnt a remarkable amount of information about hedgehogs. One or our year 5 students was so inspired that he wrote to the local council and as a result the plight of hedgehogs and how they can be helped in the locality was on the agenda.

As well as having themed days and weeks we have been able to welcome back into school specialist teachers and visitors, including over the last couple of weeks footballers and cricketers. The children have really enjoyed working alongside these experts as they have both taught them new skills and perhaps more importantly the value and importance of being active.

This year all the children have spent more time learning outside of the classroom. The image of this blog is the art work produced by some year 6 children who were able to enjoy creating a piece of art on a large scale on one of our playgrounds.