We have not been able to celebrate Christmas this year with our usual range of services and festivities, but undaunted we have done all we can to ensure that the children are still able to celebrate the true meaning of this wonderful time of year. All the children have taken part in a nativity service: one for Foundation, Middle and Upper Phase respectively. These will soon be available on our school website. All made me smile and prompted a tear or two from me and I have no doubt they will do the same for parents and grandparents alike who seen them on our school website.

This week all our children also took part in the Father Christmas run, raising money for the nearby Katherine House Hospice. Yes it was cold and muddy, but the enjoyment of the children was very clear to all who were fortunate enough to see them taking part. Over £750 was raised and a quick calculation suggests that the children ran in total over 250km, adorned in their Games kits and Father Christmas hats.

“I’ve written a book- would you like to read it?” was the comment I was greeted with one morning by a child in year 2. I am not sure what I was expecting, but it certainly wasn’t to be presented with a copy of “Stella’s Starlings”. It is a wonderful book, which is available from the following link:, with all proceeds going to place2be a charity for children. If you are looking for a special gift I would thoroughly recommend a copy of “Stella’s Starlings.”  You will be purchasing it in the knowledge that it was co-outhored by another Inspiring Young Mind.