Celebrating Success

To ensure that they have a broad and balanced curriculum, every Friday afternoon since September our year 6 children have been undertaking a broad range of learning activities. One of these activities is cooking and it is very clear that the children really enjoy and learn a great deal from it. They delight in not only creating the food but also sharing it with the adults in school-  it has swiftly come a real highlight of my week. The image shows crumble they made and it was as good as it looks.

For a number of years we have had annual Governor Awards in which at the end of the academic year we have celebrated the particular achievements of one child in each class. This year we have decided to increase the Awards to three a year so that we can recognise and celebrate the work of more children each year, and award them a special Governor Award badge so that they have a lasting memory of the award.

The first of these was held celebrations were held on Friday and it was wonderful to see and listen to the teachers talking so enthusiastically and genuinely about the child they had chosen from their class. The parents of all of the children who were receiving the Award were there to share the occasion with their children, along with of course a large number of the Governing Body. It really was a triumphant occasion and once again recognition and celebration of Inspiring Young Minds.