Bubbles, Control Measures and of course Learning

It has certainly been a start to the school year like no other in my 30+ years of working in primary education. As you would expect there has been plenty of talk about bubbles, control measures, hand sanitisation and one way systems. It has been wonderful to hear and see children in all areas of school once again and for the first time since mid-March. It has also been every evident that they have been pleased to be back; although inevitably it is clear that children have had very different experiences during the time when they haven’t been in school.

It was also very clear just how pleased the staff were to be back working in school.  It was very clear that all colleagues, both long established and new, were determined to make the first few days successful for children after the long break.

Whilst so much has changed (I don’t like the phrase the new normal) since this time last year, it is re-assuring to know that somethings are just the same. This week, we welcomed to school children who were starting school for the first time. You could see the nervousness as the children started, with the occasional tear from parents when they left their child for the first time, to be replaced by that the wonderful parent/child reunion later in the day. First day at school really is a special occasion and one that as Headteacher is real privilege to see.