Breaking down walls

The week of Key Stage 2 SATs is always a busy one and this year was no exception. Once again we were really proud of how the year 6 children approached the tests during the week; although as I said in Assembly on Friday it was perhaps even more important that they should feel proud of themselves.

Whilst  administering the tests a child in year 3 came to show me their artwork which is the image of this week’s blog. As well as the quality and detail in the work (I am not sure my photograph does it justice) I was so impressed with their comments about how they about been inspired by looking at some of the work of Banksy and wanted to create picture in a similar style with an imaginary view through a hypothetical wall.

As a school we are justifiably proud of the children’s sporting prowess and the way the conduct themselves when they represent our school. Last week we saw real evidence of the impact of the increased Sports Premium when a group of 30+ children represent the school for the first time and enjoy the experience that hitherto they had not enjoyed. It was clear from when they returned that they had really enjoyed the opportunity and it had given them a real motivation to continue to be really physically active.

And finally like to return to year 6. Undoubtedly for one child the real highlight last week had nothing to do with SATs but more to do with learning to tie shoelaces, after struggling to learn how to do so for some time.  However the final comment should go to one year 6 child who put the following into the class worry box. “Dear Maths problems I hope that as you get older you will learn to solve your own problems.”  And yes, her tongue was very much in her cheek.