Blown Away

It was excellent to see our year 2 children really enjoying their active learning last week. As part of their work they not only had an unexpected visitor to their classrooms (complete with straw all over the floor in the rooms which did take some considerable time to clear up!) they also spend some time outside building houses from different materials, including bricks, straw and twigs. They were totally inspired and engrossed in all aspects of their learning. I look forward to seeing their writing inspired by such active learning opportunities.

Our year 6 children have also returned from their holiday week really focussed on their work. As with all year groups, there are some children who find focussing on their work more challenging than others,  but it was very evident last week that all of our year 6 were determined to make the most of their last few months in primary school. It was excellent to see and a testament to not only their growing maturity but also the commitment and dedication of all colleagues teaching them.

Due to popular demand we had school discos on Friday after school for years 1-4, with one more to take place next Friday for our older children. The children who attended ( about 170 last week) had a wonderful time, and were genuinely full of awe of the glitter ball and lights etc. This was another new initiative by our wonderful FOBPS group and it was clear that as well as working incredibly hard in preparing and running the discos themselves were evidently also really enjoying the atmosphere themselves. It was a really good way to end the first week of the new term.