Beginning to feel a lot like Christmas

Working with children is a wonderful occupation. On Monday one child very proudly found me as they had made their own Advent Calendar-image attached. Once again, the image above will not show the work in its full glory (although you can click here to see it). This homemade calendar was based upon our CBG (Caught Being Good) system which is a core part of our school. It would have been impossible to not have smiled and been motivated by this Inspiring Young Mind.

Working with young children demands a particular skill set and this is certainly the case with the Foundation Stage Nativity. Last week I had the absolute joy of watching this group of children produce a simply wonderful performance of ‘The Lazy Shepherd’.  There were approximately 80 young children singing and performing to capacity, captivated audiences of parents, carers and grandparents. It was so uplifting to see these children performing with such skill, enthusiasm and enjoyment. As a said to the audience, our school is in very safe hands with this particular group of Inspiring Young Minds.