Awe and wonder

One of the continuing joys of working with children is observing their curiosity and enthusiasm. One day last week a child brought into school the fossil which is my blog picture for this week. It was wonderful to hear them talk with such awe and wonder about what they had found and to discuss with him just how it had become part of the piece of rock that he was treasuring so much. It was a real awe and wonder moment, certainly for me, and I hope for him.

I really enjoy talking with children about all aspects of their learning. Another highlight last week was talking with a child in year 3 describe so eloquently their Mathematical thinking. The pride on their face as they described their mathematical thinking was simply delightful. Fortunately I was able to share this with their parents the following morning when greeting them at the school gate. We then moved to a discussion about frontal adverbials, which confirmed for both of us just how much more children are expected to know now than previously.

Over the last few weeks all our year 6 children have had the opportunity of taking part in the Indoor Athletics competition at the Warriner School. During the events they have shown real athletic skill which has excellent. Equally they have demonstrated great team spirit and camaderie, supporting each other in both winning and losing. The Headteacher of another local primary school, described them as being excellent ambassadors for our school.