1 country 2 continents

Over the last couple of weeks the children very quickly adapted to working and playing in their groups or bubbles. The new arrangements and procedures are working well, although I still find it unusual to look round no more than 5 minutes after the scheduled end of the day and see the school devoid of parents and children. The beginning and end of the day have become increasingly slick, although I for one still find it difficult not to stand and talk with parents and children alike; 35 year old habits are difficult to change!

As the children are spending their time in their groups there is less opportunity for them sharing their achievements and celebrating with larger groups. Fortunately, they are still determined to do so, for example I have recently been told very proudly about ducks’ eggs and being awarded a Blue Peter badge for environmental work.

Finally, a further example of why we should continue not to estimate the knowledge and intelligence of children. On Friday I was talking with a year 5 child about the work they had been doing in Geography. They were explaining the difference between a country and a continent. To conclude they then informed me that even though Russia was 1 country it was in 2 continents. An Inspiring Young Mind who prompted me to research more and find out that there are other countries in the same category. I wonder if he knows that already? I am looking forward to finding out on Monday.