Under the Sea and On the Land.

In Music our year 2’s have been working on a seascape project. They have been using the theme of the ocean to explore musical ideas and improve performance technique. We have been learning to keep the pulse of the music with ‘The Beach Boy’s’, using our imaginations to create sea rhythms and today we started to compose some ideas for our Sea Soundscape by exploring the sound fx on our keyboads. 

In year 3 we have been exploring the Amazon Rainforest. We have been using the names of the Amazon tribes to beat out rhythmic patterns on our new African drums and have learnt a song on how to ‘keep our whole world green’. Today we were starting to compose our Amazon compositions using body percussion to piece together our group rhythms in preparation for our melodies for our very own Rainforest Symphony.

Watch this space to see and hear our final compositions.