Busy Bees

In Literacy this week we 'Stepped through the story' of Ganesha's Sweet Tooth. We Sequenced the story pictures and laid them on the school playground. We then stepped on each picture and re-told the story. The children absolutely loved this activity as it really helped to bring the story alive. Their re-telling skills were awesome!

In Maths we have been familiarising ourselves with the Numicon plates and learning what each plate represents. We have ordered them from 1-10 and found different combinations to make 10. 

This week we are continuing our number bonds to 10. we have drawn around our hands and recorded various ways to make 10, writing it as a number sentence.

We had lots of fun in the garden on a Number Hunt yesterday. We ticked off each number on our clipboards and we gave each other clues as to where they were hidden. Great team work everyone!