An alphabetical list of staff.

Mrs Akers's picture
Middle Phase Leader and Year 1 Teacher
Mrs Akers –
Mrs Best's picture
Year 5 Teacher
Mrs Best –
Miss Caple's picture
Yr 5 Teacher
Miss Caple –
Mrs Ducker's picture
PE Teacher
Mrs Ducker –
Mrs Hancox's picture
Year 1, 2 and 3 Teacher
Mrs Hancox –
Miss Jobbins's picture
Year 4 Teacher
Miss Jobbins –
Mrs Mcleod's picture
Yr 3 Teacher
Mrs Mcleod –
Miss Naidu's picture
Year 1 Teacher
Miss Naidu –
Ms Coles's picture
Year 3 class teacher, and school music teacher
Ms Coles –
Ms Oatridge's picture
Deputy Headteacher
Ms Oatridge –
Mr Owens's picture
Class teacher 2O
Mr Owens –
Mrs Piddington's picture
Foundation Stage Teacher
Mrs Piddington –
Miss Price's picture
Yr 6 Teacher and Upper Phase Leader
Miss Price –
Mr Protherough's picture
Yr 6 Teacher
Mr Protherough –
Mrs Rose's picture
Foundation Stage Teacher
Mrs Rose –
Inclusion Manager
Mr Sharpe –
Mr Singleton's picture
Foundation Stage Leader
Mr Singleton –
Ms Staples's picture
Yr 2 Teacher
Ms Staples –
Mrs Swan's picture
Year 3 Teacher
Mrs Swan –
Ms Wellsbury's picture
Yr 4 Teacher
Ms Wellsbury –