Approved by Governors: 
18 July 2017
Due for review: 
June 2019
Matthew Ingall, John Jackson


Code of Conduct for Bloxham Primary School Staff and Governors


This code applies to all school employees and Governors.

Roles and Responsibilities

It is expected that Staff and Governors will:

  • Comply with the principles set out in this document
  • Bring to the attention of the appropriate level of management any breach of this guidance 
  • Maintain conduct of the highest standard so that confidence in their integrity is sustained
  • Apply Teachers Standards (for Qualified teaching staff)

Staff and Governors at Bloxham Primary School are role models for the pupils. They must, therefore, demonstrate the highest standards of conduct in order to encourage pupils to do the same. Staff must avoid putting themselves at risk of allegations of abusive or unprofessional conduct.