6PS have been learning about 'Smombies' - smart phone zombies.

Pedestrians, cyclists and drivers glued to smartphones are putting their own and other road users lives at risk. 

Here are some statistics:

A recent poll by the AA found that :

70% of drivers often see pedestrians distracted by their smartphone, step into the road.

66% of drivers often see pedestrians wearing headphones, step into the road.

There were 446 pedestrian deaths in 2014 due to 'lack of attention'


We tried a task of creating a paper aeroplane whilst walking, giving each other feedback on how our walking was different whilst we were distracted.


After designing a 'Smombie' we concluded some key elements of what they may look like were:

-wearing headphones


-almost human like

-strange walk

-bags under eyes


Key things to notice in their actions may be:

-acting like video game characters

-like a slave to their phone

-no interaction with others


Finally, we completed a driving game designed by the DVLA on ipads, identifying how much concentration was required when driivng to spot pedestrians. 


In conclusion, we recognise the importance of both drivers and pedestrians in remaining focused and not distracted by smart phones and other devices - take note!


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