This week in PE, 6PS developed their skills in gymnastics, in particular balancing with a partner.

As a final challenge we had a go at balancing ourselves on two feet, in a sitting position as a class - see our slideshow below of our steps to success!


In English we have been innovating the skeleton woman, adding in more detail to the opening paragraph to explain why the girl slipped off the cliff...or was she pushed??


Topic has allowed us to explore volcanoes a little more, considering contours on OS maps and building our own volcano/mountain from card, showing the incline in height.


In Maths we have been exploring shape in more detail, creating 3D shapes from nets. We have also been investigating negative numbers; finding the difference and adding and subtracting. We remembered positive numbers as being 'fire balls' and negative numbers as being 'ice cubes'. It helped us to visualise numbers moving up and down the numberline as we added and subtracted.

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