Yeasty feasty

Blog week 4


This week in science our new governor (Miss Herbert), came in for a great experiment. As part of studying micro-organisms, we have been exploring the properties of a particular fungus; yeast.

 We mixed some yeast with cold, warm and hot water. We added sugar for the yeast to eat. The mixture went into a 500ml water bottle and then a balloon was put on the top.

We observed the results and drew a diagram of the different effects.

Hot water created the most carbon dioxide in the yeast.

Warm water was second; however, the yeast did not create enough carbon dioxide to inflate the balloon.

The yeast created hardly any carbon dioxide when the water was cold.

As a follow up, we tried using boiling water to see if there was a reaction. It produced the least amount of carbon dioxide, because the temperature was so hot, it killed the yeast.


We have been studying algebra and using brackets.


We have been using subordinate clauses to add more detail in our writing. We have been inventing our own story about a character going through a portal to a different world. We also have started to use semi-colons to join two sentences that are closely connected or give more information. We have used loads of lovely descriptive writing.

Today, we made bread to explore the effects of yeast on food and how it changes the way bread looks when it is heated or proved.

By Millie and Courtenay