Blog week 5

Yoga - In yoga we have a few different moves like the cobra and dolphin. It was very calm and relaxing.

Music - In music we are getting ready for our harvest with samba, African drumming and much more at the harvest festival.

Science - In science we started learning about putting leaves into groups using a branching database we split them into different groups to see the different types.

Computing - In computing we used the laptops to learn about harvest around the world to help with our harvest act.

Topic - In topic we learnt about tectonic plates and subduction of how the Mariana trench was formed and even made posters on how it was formed.

P.E - This week in P.E we were playing tag rugby and trying out new skills with a ball and also did running to see who would run at cross country.

P.S.H.E - In P.S.H.E we have been discussing what we would do if we had £1000. We also wrote our worries on a worry spiral.

French - In French we have been writing out on a computer our  made up French animals and planets then writing a few sentences about them. We also printed them out with Ms Oatridge.

Art - In art we made posters about our harvest countries and crops.


By Molly, Aleena, Courtenay and Charlotte

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