Term 3 Week 4

Blog term 3 week 4


This week in English we have been focusing on creating our own characters. We have also been planning our prologue based on beauty and the beast. We innovated the setting and  characters and then started to think of our own origin story. We have used simile, metaphor and lots of descriptive language.

This week in the Maths we have been finding the volume of a cylinder by using the formula: πxradius²xheight, this built on our learning from last week when we used the formula for finding the area of a circle that was: πr². In Mrs Herbert’s group, we have been focusing on angles and finding the missing angles of a triangle.

This week in PSHE we have been considering the feelings of different types of children and  answering questions about them. Also, we wrote our steps to victory and how we will achieve our goals.

This week in science we have been learning about the effects of smoking and we have been creating a line graph showing how many people died of smoking in some data that we were given.

In spag , we have been correcting speech and adding punctuation to make it make sense. We have been learning about commas and where to put them.

In Reciprocal reading we have been describing the children in the lion, the witch and the wardrobe and predicting what they will do next after the story ends.

In computing we have learned all the technical terms for different shots, such as: LS (long shot), MLS (medium long shot) and ECU (extreme close up). We shot our own sequence outside and then started to storyboard an event from the Junior Citizen trip. A storyboard is like a script for a cameraman.

By Ava Rose and Courtenay Docherty 6P