Blog 15.01.18

Happy new year everyone!

This week in English we have been examining a narrative Prologue based on Beauty and the Beast. We have been creating character descriptions through metaphor and simile as well as characterising through speech. We used drama and improvisation to imitate the characters of Love and Death. This linked to our SPAG sessions from Wk 1 and Wk 2, where we learned how to correctly punctuate speech.

This week in science we have been doing a fun project on what our lung capacity is, using water bottles, water and buckets-you may get an idea of what we were doing in our pictures.

In PSHE and assembly we have been looking towards our dreams and goals and what we would like to achieve.

In maths this week we have been finding internal angles of polygons, quadrilaterals and triangles. We found an easy way to find the sum of the internal angles of a polygon (regular or irregular), if a triangles internal angles equal 180 degrees and a quadrilateral equals 360 degrees, then whenever you add another side then you add 180 degrees to the total of the internal angles. Can you guess what a pentagons internal angles add up to? 

Sorry for the missing Blogs. Mr Protherough has clearly not been up uploading them properly. 

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