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This week, in Science, we went outside for a hunt to discover facts about the Solar System, such as: Jupiter has a giant red spot which is a massive storm, Uranus spins on its side, Pluto has been downgraded from a planet to a dwarf planet and Mars has two permanent ice caps – amazing!  For our Home Learning we wrote a mnemonic to help us remember the order of the planets, some of them were funny!

Many Violet Elephants Make Jumping Seem Utterly Normal

My Virtual Ear Makes Junior School Unbelievably Noisy

Many Very Elderly Men Just Snooze Under Newspapers

In Music we have started making a Bhangra powerpoint.

In PSHE we discussed how to sort out friendship problems.

On Friday we performed our retelling of the Very Hungry Caterpillar (La Chenille qui a fait des Trous) to our year 2 partner class IN FRENCH! We felt a bit nervous even though we had practised but we did it and it went really well. 2S listened very quietly and Miss Staples said she could recognise the word for cake (le gateau)!

In Art we have started learning about the Swiss artist Giacometti. He made sculptures of people’s (mostly his family) and animal’s shadows. The statues are mostly very tall, thin and made of bronze. We made 3D human figures out of tin foil which was very quick to do.  It was fun.

In Maths, this week, we have been multiplying fractions and practising word problems.

We invented our warning stories in English.

In PE we have been practising athletics for Sports Day and some of us went to Bloxham School for some Tennis coaching.

Thought of the Week: Today is a great day to learn something new.

Word of the Week:

Thank you to the Saturn bloggers.

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