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This week we have begun making power points to share memories of our Stackpole experience, ready for when the parents come in on Thursday. For the John Muir award we must show that we have discovered a wild place, explored a wild place, conserved a wild place and we must share our experience and learning about the wild place. The people who did not go to Stackpole are making a power point about their visit to the Warriner farm.

In Maths we have been revisiting decimal fractions. We have been thinking about place value up to 1+/1000, multiplying and dividing by 10. 100 and 1000, placing them on number lines and rounding them to the nearest whole number and to 1 decimal place.

We have started a new text genre this week, biography and autobiography. We have been reading about Tim Peake and his life leading up to him going to space. For Home Learning we are finding out information about ourselves, ready to write our autobiographies.   

In PE we have been practising our batting, bowling and fielding skills ready for Cricket Rover and also athletics ready for Sports Day.

This week, in Music, we have been practising the Uptown Funk rap ready for the Festival, as well as Monkey Man.

In Science we have been learning about how people’s understanding of the Solar System has changed over time from geocentric to heliocentric. We have also been investigating the biographies of some of the scientists who developed theories about the Solar System.

Thank you to Saturn table for this blog.

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