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This week we have been investigating the reasons for the Gunpowder Plot at the start of our new topic – The Stuarts. We have also been writing instructions for making a “Guy” in our English lessons. Well done Ben, Thomas, Ella and Isla P for making actual “Guys” in the holidays. It was useful to have them in the classroom to look at and the children who made them could describe what they did and the order they did it in. We have also been contracting verbs and placing the apostrophes accurately. We have made a display called Dr Apostrophe. We used sticking plasters to show where the apostrophes needed to go. We had a lot of fun.

In Maths we have been learning about factors and multiples. We then used that knowledge to help us with fractions of numbers and amounts. We looked at equivalent fractions as well.

In Games we are still doing tag rugby, but soon we will be moving on to Hockey. In PE we have started doing circuit training.

We put tea lights in our Divas and they looked very pretty. In our RE lesson we continued to learn about Hinduism. We are investigating the Hindu way of prayer – puja.

On Friday, we painted black paint all over our lovely, colourful backgrounds! We are going to scratch it off to make firework pictures.

We are all looking forward to the FOBPS fireworks – see you there!

Thank you to Kilimanjaro table for this blog.

Word of the Week: conspiratorial

Thought of the Week: Never Stop Learning 

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