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In French this week we have continued to learn a song about shopping and we especially like the bit about the Patisserie with yummy cakes. Some lunch times we have been saying a French grace too.

Bénissez-nous, Seigneur, et bénissez ce repas.


In Games we have been playing tag rugby. We have been practising passing the ball behind us. Every week there is a slow lane, a middle lane and a fast lane for passing the rugby ball. It gets harder every week but we love it!

In Maths we have been practising our times tables and decimals. We added and subtracted decimals and used a grid to help us work them out. We followed the golden rule: always keep your decimal points in a line.

In Art we are still finding out about Leonardo da Vinci. This week we looked at the Mona Lisa and tried sketching her. We tried to decide if she is smiling or not! As well as the person there is an interesting landscape in the background. We also had a go at mirror writing, which is what Leonardo used in his sketch books to try and keep his ideas secret. It is much harder than it looks!

In English we made a storyboard plan for our writing next week and had another go at relative clauses…we’re getting there!

In RE we read the story of Ruth in the Old Testament. We are going to be telling the story as our part of the Harvest Service.

Word of the Week: reflection

Thought of the Week:

It’s OK to not know,

But it’s not OK to not try.

Thank you to Kilimanjaro table for this blog.


Great blog, thank you Kilimanjaro table!

It is so great to read these excellent blogs that keep us informed with what our children are doing at school, it is almost like having a fly on the wall! We have lovely discussions about school when they get home now knowing what they are up to.

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