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This week has been all about the Blitz in 5B. For our Home Learning we researched Anderson and Morrison shelters and on Friday we made models of them out of clay. Anderson shelters were made of corrugated iron and half buried in the ground, banked up with sand bags. Whilst they would not save you from a direct hit by a bomb, they did protect people from blast and shrapnel injuries, as all the soil and the sand bags helped to absorb the shock waves from the explosions. As they were often covered with soil, people would grow plants and vegetables on them and they looked like part of the garden. Morrison shelters were steel cages that were inside houses. They would save you if the ceiling collapsed on you.

In English, we have been inventing our World War 2 Rebirth stories. We are trying to include great description (similes, metaphors, power of 3, personification) and working hard on our sentence structure: linking phrases with conjunctions and writing interesting sentence openers. Next week, we hope to start typing them up.

In Maths, we have been investigating prime (only 1 pair of factors)/composite numbers (more than 1 pair of factors), square numbers and square roots. For square numbers we used Spongebob Square Pants to help us!

In History we have been finding out about the Blitz and what it was like to be in a shelter during an air raid. We looked at photographs which are primary evidence and watched power points (secondary evidence) We did some drama with Miss Hill and Miss Jones, our student teachers. It was great fun! We filmed ourselves with the iPads, against a green screen, and we are going to add in wartime backgrounds to make our dramas look really authentic. Very cool!

On Monday we practised our Lindy Hop routines and next week, we are having a tea dance to celebrate the end of term and to lift our wartime spirits!

Congratulations to Isla Pomroy whose T shirt design is going to be incorporated into the overall design for the Big Festival on the Playground logo, this year.

Also, thank you to the Ben Nevis bloggers for their ideas.

Word of the week: melancholy

Thought of the Week: It matters not how many times you fall. What matters is how many times you rise.

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