Water, Water Everywhere...

We've had another great week in Year 4. The children have been really enthusiastic in their learning about rivers and many hve brought books and facts into the class to share.

We have finally finished our 'pigeon' books and enjoyed filming eachother reading these and also reading them to Year 3 children, who gave us very positive feedback. (See Katy'a's front cover)

In Maths we have been practising adding and subtracting amounts of money. Please practise by doing your Home Learning.

Remember to watch Newsround and write a little bit for our News book which will be going around the classes soon. Well dne, Will for the very first entry!

On an ECO note - 4W are winning the war on plastic! We are trying to have 100% no plastic bags or cling film in our packed lunches. We are at 83% so far! Fantastic!!

Superstars, Katie and Ruby have been very helpful this week and Star of the week is also Katie for her clam approach to every task and her determination to do her best in every subject. smiley