Through the Portal


Another fabulous week for 4WC! They are kind, helpful and hard-working. 

Well done to Martha who is our new Sports Rep - very apt as she was also our skipping champ! On that note, we all enjoyed the skipping workshop and it's great to see so many children being much more active during their break times. Even the teachers are getting in on the skipping bug. It's been a while....

In English we have been writing our own stories about passing through a portal into a new kingdom. On Thursday, Kitty read her story to the class and we could all say what made it such an exciting story to listen to.

In Maths we have been working out time intervals and had some funny impersinations of airport announcers!

Our superstars, Eliza and Grant have done a great job this week and Ruby was Star of The Week for being a fabulous learner and good friend. smiley