Sound. Where does it happen?

How lucky Year 4 are to have Mr Jackson, who kindly came in to teach us all about soundwaves, pitch and timbre. Thank you for a fun and informative lesson. 

In Maths we have been practising more column addition and subtraction, working with 4 digit numbers.

In English, we had fun acting out little plays about the life of a Roman slave. Some of us much preferred to be an Emperor or Empress! Next week we shall be writing a Diary entry as if we are slaves from the Roman times. (Look out for this week's Home Learning)

Monday is ROMAN DAY - be prepared for some great dressing up, role play as well as crafts, cooking and Roman Maths!

This week our Superstars were Katya and Amelia (Kitty and Eliza)

Star of the Week was Eliza for being a kind and hard-working member of the class. smiley