We all had a great day on Monday on our Roman Day. We dressed up, made bread and wine and used our shields in the different formations. We also role played our different parts at the Roman Baths! The slaves were particularly well behaved and we didn't need to execute any of them!

This week we have also finished writing our diary entries - The Diary of a Roman Slave and these are on display in the classroom becasue we are very proud of them all.

In Maths we have begun to revisit fractions and are beginning to be able to work out fractions of numbers such as 3/5 of 45. Keep practising!

Please continue to learn the words to the song we shall be singing in church and your words if you are a narrator.

Superstars were Will and Martha this week and Star of the Week was Ava for her helpfulness around the class and her beautifully presented work in every area of learning. smiley

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