In English we have been miming our best text and have also been reading with our best evil, croaky voices as the Enchantress. We have also each created a story map. Hopefully, this weekend, parents/carers will be treated to a retelling of the story for Home Learning. Hopefully more children will have a go at their task this week as only 11/26 handed in thier books for marking this week...


In Maths, we have been multiplying and dividing by 10 as well as solving word problems. Please keep practising your times tables at home.


In Science we have been exploring what effect a bar magnet has on iron filings and also learning about how magnets were first discovered. Please ask your child for more on this. 

We are continuing learning about William Morris in Art and have created some repeated printed patterns inspired by nature.

Superstars Florrie and Jensen have been fabulous this week and Lyra is Top Banana for her amazing work in Art and Maths and for being a good friend. Well done! smiley

Final note - it's always good to get some positive feedback from other members of staff about good manners and behaviour so it was very good to hear of one member of our class, George, who always says please and thank you to the ladies in the lunch hall when served up his food. Well done, George. I am proud of you and I'm sure your parents will be too!smiley


Thank you, yes we are very proud of George.

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