We did it!

With huge aplomb 3SH strode up to the Half Term break. As the weeks have rolled out the children have settled really well; acknowledging expectations, making sensible choices, aspiring to be the best and enjoying themselves.  We have worked hard this week to halve or double numbers as well as to find a fraction of a shape or amount.  Some children pushed themselves to find equivalent fractions.  All our On the Boil sessions have been linked to our Maths Targets so we have been dating and highlighting our cards.  English saw the culmination of our Volcanic Explanation Text Writing. We have all learned so much about volcanoes and enjoyed sharing our knowledge with each other.  Great use of paragraphs and causal connectives.  Thank you Mrs Matthews for taking Yoga this week whilst Ms Staples and I made a film all about how we use our ‘Jigsaw’ programme as well as taking PE as the Triathlon ran over time. Congratulations to all the children who took part in the Triathlon and played their part in the school's success. Thank you Mrs Hancox for making every Friday so special. The children love the day with you and your riddles! Thank you to Mrs Freeman for everything you do for everyone in our class.  You are always smiling. 

Home Learning has been really impressive this term and it was good to hear from so many parents at the evening meetings that they are enjoying the Home Learning too!  Stars all round!

Big thanks and well done to Super Stars Alicia and Fearn.  Top achiever was Eva, Resilient at all work was Sadie, Times Table champion was Jordan and Mathematical magician was Thomas Rose .

Have a wonderful, windy weekend and a really happy half term.