We are going in the right direction!

Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division in 3SH this week.  We have covered it all and it is becoming more natural for most of the children to decide which strategy to use.  In English the inventing for the next text has been very creative and successful. We are all really looking forward to reading each other’s work next week.  Light is our Science topic and we have had much fun debating and discovering light sources.  Is a fire a light source?

Geography has given us a chance to play at being birds flying above school! We created some fabulous Birds Eye Views of the school building and play area.  The range of colour in the staff car park was delightful!

Outdoor Learning was great fun with compass use. Ask children to give you the cardinal points.  Thank You Mrs Matthews.

William Morris Home learning was brilliant.  Everyone created a unique pack of information and we all learned from sharing our research. Particularly well done to Thomas Cox, Joe, Annabelle and Jack for their effort.

Times Table Champion was Bella, Top Achiever was Ava, most courageous in an accident was Eva, Magical Mathematician was Orson and Rylee was resilient with doubling the 4 x Table to make the 8 x Table.

Enjoy your weekend.