Tie Dye creations!

We are only allowing ourselves to get a teeny bit excited in 3SH!  Following last weeks Home Learning a number of children have created their own Advent Calendars. We enjoy opening a window each day. Practice is going well for our Nativity at church on Wednesday. We made a special visit to St Mary’s Church on Thursday when Dale kindly showed each of the Nativity statues from the crib scene. We were able to handle them and look closely at all the detail.  We were able to ask Dale questions and were given a chance to explore the church.  Thank you to Mrs Davies and Mrs Thompson for accompanying us.

Our Tie Dye was so exciting! We twisted pieces of sheet into different configurations, tied it up with rubber bands – really tightly then dropped the bundle into buckets of green or red or a dip in both!  We are thrilled with the outcomes and we will be using them as little surprises at the end of term……

Fossil posters gave us a chance to share our learning – wow we know a lot! We really enjoyed the the true story of Mary Anning (1799-1847) …how old was she when she died? She was an early palaeontologist and discovered an ichthyosaur, plesiosaurs and pterodactyl in Lyme Regis! She sold the ichthyosaur for £23.00 to Henry Henley and he took it to a Museum in London. Can anyone work out what that sum of money that would equate to in today’s money?

Super Stars – Ava and Sadie were fantastic. Times Table Champion was Thomas Rose and Thomas Cox. Resilient in reading was Jack who is reading ‘Great expectations’ – the abridged version. Top Achiever was Emily for always doing such excellent pieces of work. Mathematical Magician was Lewis for his great Christmas word problem.

Enjoy your weekend.  Dress up warm and we will look forward to hearing some snow tales next week!