Read the price of diesel....

Another great week in 3SH where we learned how to measure perimeter in Maths.  Initially we measured in cm squares then we moved to measuring with a ruler.  Home Learning will be fun where children are given the chance to measure perimeter of objects at home.

Kevin’s recount of the events leading up to his rescue gave everyone an insight into the child’s point of view under the care of the evil enchantress. We will use it as the basis for our innovation next week. In SPAG we learned the difference between ‘the boy’s jumper’ and ‘the boys’ jumpers’ as well as reinforcing our understanding of causal connectives and when to use the article ‘a’ or ‘an’.  Well Done everyone.

Keep practising your Times Tables and try to read daily. As you try to eat five fruit or vegetables a day then aim to read five different texts a day – a book, a poem, some news, a recipe, the price of diesel on the pump at the station….come up with your own ideas.

Thank you to Harry and Thomas C for reading the prayer in Assembly on Monday, well done for good observation Alicia, Ethan and Fraser were top mathematicians, Sayal was a top achiever for her Home Learning recount. Harrison is our top reader.

Have a lovely weekend.