No stopping you!

Well done 3SH on a much less challenging week. What a treat to not have to put on four extra layers every time we ventured out!  Maths was a week of ‘time’. We have been telling the time to the nearest minute, minutes past and to the hour as well as adding and subtracting time and challenging ourselves to word problems. Digital time is much easier than analogue but we like a challenge particularly when we tell the time on Roman numeral clocks. A question – why are Roman Numerals written upside down on some clocks?

We were tragedy authors and created some fabulous stories. Generally our main character lost out! There is a really impressive improvement in everyone’s writing style. Well done for using the dictionaries and improving your sentences.

We enjoyed revisiting the details of ‘the last supper’.  We really loved looking at Leonardo da Vinci’s painting where we tried to identify Judas.  He is the man holding a bag of money and pushing over the salt cellar which is symbolic of his betrayal of Jesus.

In Gym our balance and movement has improved to such a point that we are able to use a selection of equipment at a level above ground. We challenged ourselves to move backwards and sideways along slopes and with turns and climbs.

Well done Jack, Noah, Bella Rylee and Sadie for super writing.  Fantastic reading from Ethan, Lewis A, Sayal, Ravi and Thomas.  Thank you Super stars Harrison and Harry – you were really responsible.

Happy Mothering Sunday!