Land Use

What a wonderful week 3SH. There was so much energy that was really well focussed. We worked really hard to embed the habit of checking our addition with an inverse hop on subtraction. Really well done everyone.  Iris, Fraser, Jack and Eva did particularly well to challenge themselves.

It was wonderful to introduce the new text – ‘the seagull who cried’.   A selfish seagull who kept the light of the world tucked under his wing in a box until the raven cleverly tricked him.  We really loved creating a ‘key’ of word types such as nouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs, pronouns, connectives and  contractions as well as identifying paragraphs and possessive apostrophes.  Everyone loved the colourful effect they created!  To link to our science we made bird puppets on card and lolly sticks. We made shadows and learned how the size of the puppet changes depending on the proximity of the light ray.  Well Done Finn, Harrison, Sadie and Sayal for your commitment to careful cutting.


Land use has changed over the past years and we all really liked learning about how and why places in England have changed.  We stretched ourselves by considering places that have changed in our local vicinity, such as Banbury or the quarry opposite.  Alissia, Harry, Ethan, Emily and Noah made some mature observations.

Outdoor learning was cold but bracing as children familiarised themselves with Roman Numerals.  Look out for Roman Numerals in the local environment.

Lambing on Wednesday at Warriner Farm.  Don’t forget your wellington boots!