The Clock is Ticking

Another fabulous week in 3SH with a noticeable improvement in sensible noise levels. Congratulations everyone.  We have been acquainting ourselves with Causal Connectives and using them to improve our sentences. Causal Connectives explain why and how something happens. For example 'My party was going to take place on Tuesday 16th December but due to my sister catching chicken pox we have changed the date to Monday 3rd January.' Children who included dates in their sentences were making great connections with their Maths learning this week which focussed on 'time'. We have learned how to work out month lengths by using our knuckles or the rhyme. We enjoyed working with clocks, learning to tell the time in hours and precise minutes. Some children were busily converting analogue time to digital or the other way about.   Outdoor learning linked well with Maths when children worked alongside Roman Numerals.  Mrs Matthews encouraged the children to draw clocks all over the playground with chalk. The children gave a brilliant assembly, where a number of them shared their Home Learning pieces of Honesty with the whole school.  They did really well to project their voices all around the hall full of 420 children.  Well Done Ethan for the top achiever award. Thomas Rose for resilience whilst struggling with a very blocked nose and cold, Also, Isla Butt Gow for resilience whilst her ankle mends. Thank you to super stars Harrison and Ravi - a very efficient pair who worked really well together. Congratulations Mathematical Monster Harry Hunt and Thomas Cox for holding on to the Times Table Champion. No doubt next week will be explosive as we embark on producing individual volcano explanation texts. The writing cycle began with the evaluation of a text on 'Making Organic Compost' - to make the text come alive Mrs Swan gathered up some of her old vegetable peelings, rotting fruit cores, autumnal leaves and grass cuttings. The bagful is secreted in the cupboard gradually decomposing so that we can grow seedlings in the spring with it.

Finally as you go to bed tonight, reflect on your day and highlight just five events in the day or from the past week that have made you feel happy or proud, pleased or inspired.